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Chant Group

The AICP Chant Group is diverse and talented. The individuals that make up our group come from a variety of backgrounds, speaking many languages. This allows us to reach a wider audience with lovely chants—praising Allah and Prophet Muhammad. The chant group travels the state and the country, to enchant listeners with their crowd-pleasing performances. They perform at various events, including ^Id celebrations, Ramadan events, Isra' and Mi^raj, Islamic/Hijriyy New Year, and the glorious Mawlid.




At the Islamic Center of Anaheim, daily congregation prayers are held in addition to the Friday prayer. Speeches are in Arabic and English to accommodate the diversity in our community. We also hold ^Id-ul-Fitr prayers, ^Id-ul-Adha prayers, Tarawih prayers, and funeral prayers.


Website and Media Publications

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The AICP uses several methods to deliver its' message. Our publishing house has a growing library of books, audio CDs, and DVDs in different languages and spanning a number of important and sought after topics. Additionally, our media department remains active in adopting new media initiatives and keeping our website updated with the latest information--including full audio lessons, transcripts, prayer schedules, an event calendar, and pictures from our events. Visit us on the web and do not forget to bookmark us at


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