The Islamic Center of Anaheim is the source of Islamic information in Southern California. The Center strives to educate the Muslim and non-Muslim community around it, teaching important details of the great religion of Islam. Moreover, The Center strives to exemplify the true Islamic values and methodologies of compassion, moderation, and knowledge for the population of Southern California.

Islamic Weekend School

The Islamic Weekend School is held every Saturday from 10:00 A.M. and 2:00 P.M. and is for children five (5) years and older. The weekend school has been operating since the early 1990's. The curriculum includes Religion, Prayer, Ablution (Wudu'), tutorials for children, recitation/memorization of Qur'an, Arabic language, and Islamic History. Qualified teachers volunteer their time each Saturday to better the future for our children.




Our most important objective is to spread the Islamic knowledge in the community as taught by Prophet Muhammad and his righteous Companions. The Islamic Center of Anaheim offers a variety of Islamic lectures that cover a wide range of subjects pertaining to the essentials of Islamic belief, rules of purification, prayer, fasting, pilgrimage, as well as the sunnah of our Prophet and the interpretation and recitation of the holy Qur'an. These lectures are offered weekly in Arabic, English, and Spanish.


Summer Camp



The California Summer camp is the event families wait for all year! During the camp, families enjoy time with each other and with their friends. There are daily lessons, as well as Qur'an recitation classes. What everyone looks forward to is the campfire--a time for people to enjoy our special program full of a variety of activities. All of this happens with the attendees surrounded by the beauty of nature and Allah's wondrous creations.

The Islamic Education School (TIES)



The Islamic Education School, TIES, is the gem of our Association. In addition to their secular curriculum covering the state's educational standards set by the California Department of Education, TIES implements an Islamic curriculum. Our school promotes the preservation of the Muslim identity, providing an environment for students in which they are encouraged to worship Allah, celebrate our Islamic holidays, and expand their knowledge base, while being in a comfortable and positive academic environment.


The TIES faculty is qualified and passionate about their work. TIES serves the Muslim community while maintaining low tuition rates. In addition to our full-time school, we offer a Saturday School program that is surely one of the best ways children can spend their weekend and quench their thirst for knowledge. With TIES, we hope to build a better tomorrow, today.

TIES Summer Program


The Islamic Center of Anaheim offers an annual TIES Summer Program. This program includes learning the Arabic language, Islamic history, Islamic knowledge, and the recitation of Qur'an.


The kids learn beneficial Islamic knowledge in a fun environment where they have the opportunity to build friendships and interact with their peers. The summer program runs Monday through Friday, and usually begins one week after the full-time school ends for the summer.



The Correct Qiblah

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