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Our primary objective is to spread the pure Islamic knowledge in the community as taught by Prophet Muhammad and his righteous Companions. The Islamic Center of Anaheim presents a variety of Islamic lectures that cover a wide range of subjects. These include the essentials of Islamic belief, rules of purification, prayer, fasting, pilgrimage, and the interpretation and recitation of the holy Qur’an. These lectures are offered in Arabic, English, and Spanish.

Prayer Services:

The Friday prayer, ^Id-ul-Fitr prayer, ^Id-ul-Adha prayer, daily congregational prayers, and Tarawih prayers in Ramadan are all held at the Islamic Center of Anaheim. Please see the Events page for details.


The Islamic Center of Anaheim provides the community with a large number of quality Islamic publications. These publications are available in Arabic and English. We do offer some printed Islamic material in Spanish, and plan to have additional Spanish translations of major books in the near future. The Islamic Center of Anaheim, as a part of the Association of Islamic Charitable Projects, has the full backing of its publication house (Darulmashari^) located in Beirut, Lebanon.

Visit the Islamic Center of Anaheim to view our variety of publications, covering a variety of topics such as religious rules, the creed, Islamic children’s books, Arabic language learning books, and more.

Audio & Video

As part of its multimedia efforts, the Association of Islamic Charitable Projects publishes and distributes a variety of audio and video CD’s and tapes. These cover a variety of topics, including Qur’an recitation, Islamic Chants, Islamic lectures, and children’s songs.
Visit the Islamic Center of Anaheim to view our large collection of audio and video publications.


Chant Groups:

One of the free services that the Islamic Center of Anaheim offers to the community are two professional vocal groups, a men’s group and a women’s group. They are available for all occasions, both private and public. Performance requests need to be scheduled at least two weeks in advance.

Islamic Weekend school:

The Islamic Weekend School strives to provide our students with all the necessary Islamic morals and values, Islamic knowledge, recitation of Qur’an, and reading and writing in the Arabic language. Since most of our students attend public schools, our programs are geared towards supplementing their secular school education with Islamic education and special Arabic language courses.


The Islamic Weekend School is held every Saturday for children ages five years and older. The school has operated successfully since the early 1990’s. The curriculum covers Religious teachings, Prayer and Ablution (Wudu’) tutorials for children, recitation & memorization of Qur’an, Arabic language, and Islamic history. The teaching staff is a crew of qualified teachers who volunteer their time each Saturday.